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Friday, August 22, 2014

Likeness study 2

Finally, i got a spare time to sculpt again. In this time, i chose Robin William as my references. As usual, i used sphere as my base object. Turned on dyntopo, then started sculpting.

It took 3 hours in realtime. A bit faster than my old work :) . but honestly, i'm not satisfied with the result yet. You know, it doesn't looks like him at all.

Check out the process here !!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Likeness Study 1

In this case, i did a portrait of woman. She is an actress, well known actress. She has starred many hollywood movie. I hope you guys can guess who she is even though i haven't mentioned her name . :)

Well,  i've been working on it since 2 days ago.I used blender 2.70 with dyntopo enabled. it rendered using cycles.  The hardest part was defining the structure of her face. I am still lacking about human anatomy. I need to learn a lot.   Honestly, I tried to capture the proses, but it was too long.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Featured on CGMeetup

i can't believe it !! . My work has been featured on CGMeetup. i used to imagine, some day my work will be featured on that website. Yeay.. my dream come true :D .

check this out :

Anna Sculpting Timelapse on CGMeetup

Frankenstein Video Timelapse

Accidentally found this image from pinterest. an image by John Nevarez .

I really like with the style. I'm excited to make a sculpture based on that image. it was really challenging for me because the reference came just from one side. i had to guess the dimension of the object.

After struggling for around 2,5 hours, the result is like this image.

i realized, it's not 100% similiar with the concept but i was pretty satisfied with it. :)
Check out the process here.

Anna Bust Sculpting Timelapse

Have you seen Frozen ? an animation movie by Pixar. My favourite character in this movie is Anna, Elsa's sister.
 I decided to make a bust sculpture of her. Here is the result .

Check out the timelapse here: